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Oracle and

This page deals with hints concerning the connectivity between a Oracle database and under Debian GNU/Linux. Some of the hints are valid for other distributions as well. and Debian/GNU Linux

The Debian GNU/Linux distribution is geared toward the support of Free Software. Debian does not distribute software which license does not comply to the debian defintion of free licenses.

This attitude does have technical impact. Debian GNU/Linux does not deliver a Java VM, because fully a functional free JavaVM is not available currently. Caused by this Java licensing problems Debian does distribute a version which does not support Java.

What does that mean?

So is anything lost?

Not completly. You get red-only access to an Oracle database using the ODBC Protokoll and the driver from Eaysysoft. We have logged a bugreport at Easysoft, they are working on that problem. We will report any progress here.

Since the appearance of OpenOffice.org1.1 beta2 the write check can be switched off. Here you will find detailed instructions how to switch the rights check off. It is possible now to access a Oracle database and update tables in conjunction with Debian GNU/Linux.

How is the actual status?

Debian GNU/linux 1.0.x (Debian Version) 1.0.x (Openoffice Version) 1.1 beta2 (Debian Version) Staroffice 6.0
jdbc n/a read-only n/a read-only
odbc (Easysoft driver) read-only read-only read-write read-only
Bill (Debian version) (Openoffice version) Staroffice 6.0
jdbc n/a not investigated not investigated
odbc (Oracle driver) n/a read-write not investigated