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Oracle 9.0.1 GNU/Linux

This page deals with special hints for Oracle version 9.0.1. More general recommendations towards Oracle Versions can be found here .

First Release of the 9 series.
Installs without problems: no
Patch required : no
Problem: The Oracle binaries canot be generated. The error unresolved symbols does appear.
Cause: Broken makefile, or missing libraries.

How to solve the problem

Switch off the linker error checking for unresolved symbols.
Inside the makefile $ORACLE_HOME/bin/genclntsh replace the line which reads LD_SELF_CONTAINED="-z defs" with LD_SELF_CONTAINED="" .


The linker creates all oracle binaries.
It seems that Oracle itself is using this approach in version 9.2.0.


Even if unresolved symbols exists the binaries are generated. This can lead to unexpected bahaviour. since it is unclear, which binaries are affected by the unresolved symbols problem.
We strongly discourage you to use this solution in a production environment. Use it at your own risk.

What to do

For production environments use the Oracle certified OS/RDMBS combination only.