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Oracle under Debian GNU/Linux

We do provide hints towards the usage of Oracle databases under the operatinsg system Debian GNU/Linux.

This site does not answer questions which can be answerd simply by reading the Oracle documentation. We recommend especially the Oracle installation manuals for Linux systems. This manuals are part of every oracle database software distribution and worth reading.

This pages are dedicated towards technical aspects unsing Debian GNU/Linux and Oracle databases. We do this because not much sites are covering this subject, and we are using Debian GNU/Linux as our favourite operating system.

Hints to all Oracleversions

Common tasks

Hints to various Oracleversions

Oracle 8.1.5

Oracle 8.1.7

Oracle 9.0.1

Oracle 9.2.0

Oracle 10.1.0

How to Test some Databasefunctions

Test Oracle Networkadapter

Test Databaseconnectivity with svrmgrl (really deprecated)

Test Oraclelistener lsnrctl

Test Databaseconnectivity with sqlplus

Other Sites

Oracle Technet
Werner Puschitz very informative Site. Covers mostly RedHat
Several newsgroups e.g.