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Oracle 8.1.7 GNU/Linux

This page deals with Oracle 8.1.7 hints. More general tips and tricks can be found here .

Latest and final Release of Series 8.

Installs without problems: no

Patch required: yes

Patch: glibc-2.1.3-stubs.tar.gz

Cause: The oracle delivered object files do not go along with current binutils and glibc version.

Pre installation


Oracle needs a os-side java jre because the oracle provided jre has been linked with the wrong glibc version. Oracle expects the jre at /usr/local/jre. You should get blackdown jre 118 and install it in /usr/local/jre. Do not use jre 1.2.x.


Step 1

During the installation select "custom" , do not select "create database". You have to apply the patches before creating any database. During the installation a empty selectbox for network protocols are presented. That is ok. The installer selects tcp/ip by default.


Get the patch glibc-2.1.3-subs.tar.gz from do install.

Step 2

$ORALCE_HOME/bin/relink all" does create shared libraries and executables.

Step 3

Create database ($ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbassist)